Postcard Challenge 2015 – A Final Reflection

To look look back on my 30 day Postcard Challenge with a few questions in mind is part of the process for me. To consider, reflect and discern what insights come to light is as important as writing the stories themselves.

What started out as a fun constraint to coax forth words from my pen worked, and it worked well…so for Insight #1 I’ll say this – pay heed to the words of your friends. They are listening. They hear you often better than you hear yourself. When they speak, don’t spend that moment considering your response…truly listen to what it is they have to say and ponder their words and thoughts. Be open to their challenges. What inspiration can be drawn from them? Without this insight, the Postcard Challenge would never have happened.

As the cards flipped by, I was struck by how easy it was to want to make everything Star Wars related. Clearly…they are Star Wars postcards…the challenge then became to create ideas and topics, to conjure up stories without jumping to the obvious. I had to suspend my judgement and to allow my ideas to come from numerous places. Letting friends participate, finding connections between the postcards and other parts of my day…”Hey, this reminds me of…” As well as mindfully practicing the skill of divergent thinking. Coming up with idea after idea, and not just settling on the first one. So, Insight #2 Be determined to look for connections and ideas beyond the obvious. In fact, develop the practice of listing out your ideas…the more you practice, the easier it becomes. When you get stuck, look for inspiration and help…it’s all around you.

Insight #3 It’s important to find opportunities in one’s own work. The opportunity here is to develop my storytelling. I recognized this early in the project, and it’s something that I will be diving into. There are various arcs that a story can take, and learning how to take a reader on a journey is something that I will be developing.

Months have passed since I’ve completed the Postcard Challenge, and yet I committed to sharing my reflection. I hadn’t forgotten, and yet life does have it’s own unique way of taking you off on tangents. So here we are…and when all’s said and done, the Postcard Challenge was a lot of fun. Time to incubate on my next challenge!

Thanks for checking it out!


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