January 1, 2012

So it begins. I painted this on January 1st, 2012 and then it was decided, I will paint a water colour piece every day for a year. Then I decided I would start with 30 days…that might be a good first hurdle. Secretly (not so secretly) I’m going for the full year. Since I’m not a visual artist, this is a good challenge for me. Time to modify some self imposed restraints!

Why am I doing this? To actively ‘unplug’ for a little bit each day. Activate different parts of my brain. Turn off technology, tune in to different creative energies. I have considered making this into a larger study, but shall take it one day – one painting at a time.

There are no rules other then what’s on the small blank page in front of me…no practice, whatever comes out of the brush is it.

Do I want you to take anything out of this? Perhaps you could take on your own 30 day challenge. Who knows, maybe it will stretch a bit longer then that? Judging by the tag line of this blog, I hope mine will!



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